Israeli ISP blocking outgoing SMTP

ronys ronys at
Mon Apr 6 20:55:40 IDT 2009


For the last few days, an ISP who shall remain nameless (but who's name in octal is equal to 11) has decided to block outgoing SMTP connections to servers abroad. They've done this unilaterally, without notifying customers, and, for the first couple of calls to support, without admitting anything beyond "there's a problem, we're working on it".

Only after slowly spelling out what my problem was (no, I don't want to send e-mail via your servers, thank you) did I get them to log a request to unblock port 25 from my home account (still waiting for my work account to be unblocked).

I realize that spam is a problem, but this 'solution' strikes me as, how to put it, inappropriate.

Am I the only linux-il subscriber affected? It seems to me that the more customers that write/call to complain, the sooner they'll see the error in their ways.

Pesach sameach,


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