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Thu Dec 27 01:36:40 IST 2012

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Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 01:30:12 +0200
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Subject: Announcement : http://vim.begin-site.org/ - The Vim Beginners' Site

Hi all,

I would like to announce that today I started working on
http://vim.begin-site.org/ - the Vim Beginners’ Site, which is a static site
generated by the Jekyll offline CMS (which I learned today, after finding a
post of someone who converted his site from XML+XSLT to it, as I considered
using XSLT first). Currently many links are broken and the content is
incomplete, but:

1. The site's source code is open-source / open-content (MIT/X11 | CC-by ).

2. One can easily contribute to it:

* http://vim.begin-site.org/contribute/

* http://vim.begin-site.org/source/ - points to the BitBucket repo.

3. I'm noting ideas for resources here:


(short URL - http://is.gd/WtjpJE ).

4. I'm planning to continue working on it myself.


The inspiration for the site is http://perl-begin.org/ , which I also created
and still maintain. I registered the begin-site.org and begin-site.com domains
to serve as placeholders for more sites like that, and will be happy to refer
their sub-domains to similar sites (e.g: c.begin-site.org , cpp.begin-site.org ,
clojure.begin-site.org , python.begin-site.org , emacs.begin-site.org ,
cooking.begin-site.org , etc.).

Some people on IRC told me there was a genuine need for a site like that about
Vim, and since I like Vim so much I decided to go for it.

Enjoy, and I hope to see you contributing.


	Shlomi Fish

P.S: while they are still not there, I am planning on putting some 100%
non-intrusive non-animated images
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Wonderful ads on the site, similar to
what I have on http://www.shlomifish.org/ . I hope you will not be too offended
by them, but you can use an ad blocker, or alternatively set up a mirror of the
site under a different domain, without the ads. So I think it is fair, given
that I pay for the domain and the hosting.

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